2018 Event Schedule

The Challenges of Digital Asset Security - 03/22/2018

For years we’ve all talked about regulations, malware, multinational attacks and ransomware as separate topics unique to corporate compliance or IT or, even worse, “…that other company’s problem”. The reality is, you and your firm are at a convergence of all these security factors like never before. These threats and requirements are an opportunity to reconsider your mindset regarding Data Security within your corporate culture and provide your shareholders, employees and clients a high level of confidence that you are doing all you can to secure their interest in your digital assets.

At a recent NHBR 2018 Economic Futures forum an executive of a NH utility stated that they intercepted between 100-1000 attacks a day from entities looking to take control of the power grid. At the same event, the CEO of a local Manchester Hospital coalition spoke of the challenges of integrating systems while maintaining security of sensitive client information. The reality is, Data Security is now, more than ever, a business imperative and as such should be addressed in a new light!
Event: At this luncheon you will hear about how the ever-changing threat and regulation landscape affect your company not from a technology point of view but rather, and most importantly, from a business risk, competitive and profitability point of view. We will approach the topic of Data Security from an Asset and Risk perspective. You’ll see how a process to identify your assets, assess your level of risk relative to them and the steps and controls you can put in place to mitigate those risks; can break a complicated topic into very achievable tasks.

You’ve been selected specifically, as this event is by invitation only and intended for business owners and corporate executives. The best attendants are the asset owners, the person or persons most at risk and dependent on their corporate IT Data and Systems. The CEO/Owner has a fiscal responsibility to the shareholders or themselves and must provide a competitive edge for their company, the COO must protect the corporate Intellectual Property and make sure systems are available to maintain production. The CFO has a legal responsibility for corporate financial data and the Human Relations Officer must protect their staffs’ personal information. These are the people who would most benefit from this event.

Location & Time:
Hanover Street Chop House, 149 Hanover St, Manchester NH Registration and lunch served at 11:30, you can plan on the meeting being complete by 1:30. We will stay and answer all questions beyond that however.

Cameron Shilling, McLane Middleton Law Firm: Cameron is a Director in the McLane Litigation Department, and Chair of our Privacy and Information Security Group. Data privacy is a focus of Cameron’s practice, including creating and implementing privacy policies, terms of use agreements, information use and social media policies, advising clients about workplace privacy, social media, and consumer privacy, and handling data privacy claims asserted against companies.

Raymond Benoit, President/ Owner RTM: In the 19 years of ownership of RTM, Raymond and his team has seen the dramatic changes in security from a “cost of and inhibitor to doing business” attitude to the number one priority for business owners and leaders. In recognition of the needs to treat security less as individual technology points and more as a business system, RTM has evolved into a security first in every application and engagement company.

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